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August 18, 2003.

Peacock Bass Fishing In Guri Lake

Mr. John Billy Koonsman from Snyder, Texas along with Alejandro, have been yanking and cranking at the camp for the past twelve days. When the water quit frothing from them ripping Big Game Woodchoppers and they put their rod and reels up, John Billy and Alejandro had managed to boat 126 peacock bass from 10lbs up to 15lbs over a twelve day fishing odyssey. For the last two days of the trip, Luis Negrin, and I joined John Billy and Alejandro. Luis had never used a rod and reel before, but he quickly became a veteran fish catcher with one. Within five minutes of making his first cast in the fast flowing waters of the La Paragua River, Luis hooked up and boated his first big peacock bass, which tipped the scales at a respectable 13lb 8oz. Luis managed to boat another nine fish from 10-12lbs before our two days were up, and he also caught his first ever payara that weighed in at 11lbs 8oz. I would like it noted that I had 32 peacock bass from 10lbs up to a trip winner of 17-1/2lbs in my limited time at the camp. For those of you out there who have dreamed of just catching one peacock bass over ten pounds, imagine the enjoyment of the group when the final numbers were compiled. There were 168 peacock bass from 10lb to 17lbs 8oz. There were also 250+ peacock bass from 8-9lbs, and these are the tackle busting ones that make you think you have latched onto a Tasmanian Devil. There were well over 600 peacock bass caught by John Billy, Alejandro, Luis, and myself, and only a very small amount of them weren’t five pounds or larger. John Billy won the payara prize for the trip with a 22lb toothy battler.

The most productive baits were Big Game Woodchoppers, white-skirted 1/2 ounce spinnerbaits, Gold/black backed Bomber Long A model 15A, and the ever deadly live perch. The 17lb, two of the 15lb, and two of the 14lb fish came on artificial lures for anyone wondering. The white-skirted spinnerbait caught the 17lb monster.
Best Regards,
Humberto Malaspina.

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