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Canada Fishing Report
Stamp/Somass, Nitinat, Nahmint Rivers

September 2006

Sep 25-29, 2006Our group ended up having a fabulous week of fishing for Chinook, poor for Coho, with some Steelhead.

Most guys averaged 10-20 Kings per day, between 20-25lbs on the Nitinat during the first 2 days (it was “almost” too easy). The Stamp (Somass) River showed us lots of Kings that were pickier to bite, with some Silvers on the Upper Stamp. The better anglers only landed about 3 Silvers/day during the last 2 days up high. Steelhead were also present in the upper river, but the overcrowding by the Kings made them difficult to hook.

The Nahmint, had a nice run of Steelhead, but the low/clear/warm water conditions made them impossible to entice.


A Nice Silver from the Stamp River

Fishing From Murphy’s Boats on the Stamp


There seems to be a big mystery about the Coho run. The brood stock for this run was healthy and abundant, but the return has been very disapointing. This was the case up and down the coast of BC in saltwater, and now proving to be the case in the rivers …. 🙁

The week of 9/25-9/29, 2006 showed these actual numbers for the runs of fish going up Stamp Falls:

Sept 2006: 9/25-9/26
Chinooks: averaged – 1,500/day vs. 400/day in 2005
Cohos: averaged – 300/day vs. 2,500 in 2005

We have the numbers for all species during the 30 days of Sept 2006, and same data for entire 2005 season available at Fishing International.

That’s all for now.
Capt. Bill Hutchinson

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