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Dear Bill:

Our fishing group wanted yo thank you for coordinating and packaging this fishing trip. The boats, crew, van service and hotel did an excellent job in taking care of us, especially the crews of the Pisces fishing fleet.

We were fortunate to have the 2 days of excellent  fishing by catching  14-15 stripe marlins on the 1st day and approximately 7-9 stripe marlins (and one sail fish and Dorado’s) on the 2nd day. Included in the 2nd day catch were 2 blue marlins and I was fortunate to bring in the largest salt water fish that I have ever caught, which was approximately a 250 lb Blue Marlin. What made it even more satisfying was that I hooked it on a jig that I have taken with me on all my fishing trips for over 15 years and have never caught anything with it in all those years. I actually “kissed” it when they unhooked from the marlin.

Again thanks for arranging this fishing trip and we look forward to working with you on our trip to Panama at the Tropic Star Lodge (Dec ?).  Everyone in our group has expressed a strong interest in going on this trip and if Doug  and I could start receiving some details and approximate cost breakdown for approximately 9-10 individuals, we would appreciate it at your earliest convenience.


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