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Father Son adventure at Tarpon Nest Lodge – San Juan – REPORT

Hi Bill, just a brief note to let you know about our trip. Overall pretty good. I would not classify it a fly fishing destination, but rather a tarpon catching destination with some opportunities for fly fishing. There are certainly lots of tarpon in the lagoon and the concept that such large fish can be caught in such close proximity to the town is awesome. Even though the fish are caught on live-bait, the fact the tackle is really very light makes it a real challenge to land a big one. Our best on light tackle was about 40pounds on the 8 pound line with 20 pound leader: a really good fish. The best on fly was judged about 55pound (40 pound straight through leader on the 10 weight using a Clouser). The best day we caught at least 20 fish and the worst, we caught none! I guess that’s fishing! I did not find 6 hours enough so we booked an extra 4 hours each afternoon for an additional $375 per session.

The lodge is very nice, but we were the only clients for the week. Rooms were very well appointed and George really kept things spick and span. Took a cab to the city most nights for dinner and although I do not have any Spanish, the restaurants all had English speaking waiters: not a problem there. Omar would book the cab and give instructions as to our destination and we would simply call the cab when we were done. Meals varied between about $40 dollars for 2 to about $120 depending on the place while the cab return was $30-50 return for 2 depending on distance.

I would not choose to travel all the way to PR from Australia just for this fishing, but if I found myself in PR in the future, I would definitely spend a few days on the lagoon. (We did have a day in the ocean, but did not see a fish or even have a bite, so I would not do that again). Thanks for organising the trip. Regards, Steve Cooper
(I will e-mail a few pictures to you separately)

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