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From: Chris Steiner
See More pix from Panama (Pesca Panama)

Harry’s 500 pounder, nice photo Mark!

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From: Travis Peterson
To: Chris and All
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 4:13 PM
Subject: Panama Time

Hello from the Tropics,

Another good jump shot!Another good jump shot!

Just when we thought we have seen the best of Coiba Island fishing we have a week like last week. Fishing with us were old time friends and Coiba regulars Bobby Spina, Jim McCord, Harry Lowell, Michael Elias and Mark Roy. These fishermen are Pesca Panama regulars and were returning for their second and third trips of this season.

Fishing aboard my boat, the Ponchera, this week we had a rotating crew with the one consistent crew, Bobby, as our master inshore caster. Bobby, Mark and I learned this fishery together and we all agreed that the top-water fishing for Cubera Snapper was as good as any of us had ever seen.

Nice Cubera
Nice Cubera

Fishing the second day inside of Ladrones Island, Bobby and I had over twenty strikes and ten releases on Cubera before noon.

The action continued through the week with one explosive strike after another. We even had the time to do some bottom jigging one evening at Jiciron where we found nonstop action for over two hours!

Mark’s 50lb Rooster

Meanwhile offshore the action was also good. Fishing with Team Macho, Harry and Jim had several marlin strikes and Harry managed to land a 500 pound Black Marlin on stand up.

The tuna fishing exploded the second to the last day. Fishing aboard the Ponchera, Harry had nine tuna strikes and lost a large tuna when the 300lb Sampo swivel pulled apart. He also landed one 150# Yellow Fin and a 250# Blue Marlin. While Harry was busy fishing aft Bobby was experimenting with top-water fishing for Yellow Fin Tuna forward and to say he had some explosive, line stripping, tackle destroying strikes would be an understatement!

Nice teeth!Nice teeth!

I think we all would agree the week was a huge success. I look forward to seeing you all again.

Tight Lines

Captain Travis

P.S. I have to apologize about the lack of photo’s, but my camera went down this week—–life on the Ponchera pushes every thing to it’s limit. Anyway I will have a new camera within the next two weeks.

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