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See Story and Pix from Angler’s Inn by an Expert Traveler.

Trip Summary

Mazatlan, Mexico- Florida Strain Largemouth Bass – Lake El Salto

Trip: Feb 2005 – Continental GSO to Mazatlan through Houston Departed 6:30AM EST arrived at Anglers Inn 1:30PM to awaiting margaritas!20 minutes later we had eaten a sandwich rigged our rods and were headed out to fish till dark.

Accommodations: Moderate at best but 5 star for fishing compound.

Service: Better and more personal than Ritz Carlton! And I’m not kidding!If you dirtied up your room floor it was clean, towel wet it was replaced,coffee at 5AM wake-up knock delivered with a smile the way you like it, even my Diet Coke – though with a number of chuckles daily.Power went out twice at night and generator came on until Main power back.If your drink needed refilling it was usually done before you noticed.Did I say the service was exceptional? It was!

Food: Hearty “manly” food three times a day whether you want it or not. Duck killed in the morning was served as an appetizer that night, Grilled tuna for lunch, steak for dinner if not ribs. I am not making up the menu, it wasn’t gourmet but it was great!

Drink: Lots of tequila and cerveza (beer). I liked the Mexican Gin but the setting made the drinks and everything else perfect. Beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean with lots of fisherman telling lies in a place where the truth about the fishing was all that was needed.

Fishing: We didn’t do as well as the brochure but let me tell you how we did do! 2 fishermen caught 25 fish on first afternoon biggest 6 lbs smallest probably 2 pounds (this done in a driving rain storm).

Second day 50 plus fish with afternoon being the best with multiple fish over 5 pounds and under 8 (oh I forgot the 9 lb fish in the dark on top water to start the day). The third day we caught 50 plus, all small 1-4 pounds. Departure day we decided to go out for three hours and hit an hour and a half stretch where we caught ten fish between 8 and 10 pounds on top water plugs. In the end we caught 150 fish and lots of large ones. I think other people did better than we did but mine is the truth!!

Summary: A fabulous trip for large size and numbers of bass. Oct thru December is best top water time and Jan – March finishes the best part of their season. We are going back! Do keep in mind that it is a fishing trip. Nothing else to do but fish, eat and talk to lots of nice folks.


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