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Bill, we REELY had a super fantastic trip or should I say FINTASTIC!
This is one of the best trips I have taken in the last twenty years. It was non stop action.
In five days with the GOOD DAY TOO fishing boat and team we released 57 sails with one day at 17.
We caught 11 tuna with the largest at 150 pounds. We also caught a 25 pound wahoo and 25 pound mani mani,
Needless to say we had plenty of sashimi on the boat and back at the Hotel Club del Mar.
Costa Rica is such a beautiful place and we love the people. Many thanks to Felipe and the GOOD DAY fishing team-they are the best.
I am sending a number of pictures you should feel free to use as you wish.

I am looking forward to next year at the same time with GOOD DAY TOO. I will be in contact with you.

Thanks for all you do to make all the little details to work out.

Take care.

Jon and Eric Moon
Kure Beach, NC

Jon and Eric Moon on the "Good Day Too" Fishing Boat in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing Excursion with Swordfish

Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing for SwordfishSwordfish on Fisherman's Line over Costa Rican Waters

Costa Rica Swordfish Fully Breached over Ocean

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