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Bill….GREAT TRIP!!!! Sorry didn’t write sooner but we’ve been up to our eyeballs in ice/snow/cold since we’ve been back. Anyhow…this is how it went down….

I went out on day 2 fishing by myself because my wife was too sore from day 1 (as so was I but the first fish cured that)… total for day 2 was 3 sails and1 dorado (for dinner)…..I enjoyed the break. As far as days 1 & 3 of fishing….wife and I caught 27 sails…1 (25 lb) yellowfin tuna (for dinner)….1 striped (200 lb) marlin (wife’s first)…and 1 bonita (for marlin bait). My wife’s motto for this fishing trip is “giving birth is easier”! Now that’s saying something!!!

Anyhow….the Good Day Team (w/Filipe, Capt. Estevan and first mate Carlos) was great! Everything went smooth including the fact that on our day of departure….we got a call that our flight from Atlanta to Newark was cancelled due to snow…..Filipe got us a discounted rate at Club del Mar for an extra night. Nice place to be stuck huh?……Other than that, all transportation by the Good Day Team was good and everything smoooooth. Give special thanks to Filipe for giving us a couple of ‘Good Day Team’ fishing shirts (on the house).

Club del Mar was excellant. Beautiful condo on the beach…staff was great….met the owner Filipe…Super Bowl at the bar, macaws flying everywhere, etc., etc., etc. Couldn’t asked for more.

Bottom line….FISHING INTERNATIONAL DOES IT AGAIN!!!! It’s always a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to alot more! Take care and hopefully will be talking to you soon.


Mike and Cheryl Takacs
Nazareth, PA

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