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Posted by Carl Blacklefge on August 12/2002

“Bob, I went to Mexico (Loreto), July 6-20. The fishing was considered a regular year there, by the “regulars” (I am a beginner there). I can’t believe the nonstop action. The Dorado are the most aggressive fish that swim, I think, (well, these were). They would race to your fly and grab it like a ton of bricks. I almost lost rods on 2 different occasions, where I tied a fly on and without thinking threw it over the side, then I started helping my fishing partner land his fish. And all of a sudden, my rod takes off! I was lucky to grab it before it went to sea.

We caught Dorado till our arms fell off…nothing big…most around 15 pounds, with a few in the 25 pound class. I sent you a few pictures of the bigger ones. I did have one sailfish swimming around the boat; they said it was a bad year for the sailfish because of the storm that was there right before we got there. Anyway, I never had so many tackle failures, broken leaders, hooks straightened out, near loss of rods as I did in Mexico. My hands and knuckles will never be the same. And neither will I, till I get down there again. Please sign me up for 2 more weeks, during the dark of the moon in July, 2003. Thank you. CARL BLACKLEDGE”

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