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dorado in Loreto

Posted by Binky on July 14, 2001 at 08:39:48:

I just returned from my annual trip to Loreto. The results were mixed.I think I am a little spoiled so I might be expecting to much.

The Dorado are there but not in large numbers and they are on the small size mostly 3-7 lbs. There is still quite a bit of sargasso around to help you locate fish, but you might check a lot of patches before you locate a group.

If you are lucky enough to be the first boat on a school you will have very good fishing, but the schools are scattered and the fishing pressure is heavy so you won’t have a school by yourself for long. The bait fishermen were getting a few larger fish, so there are a few around in the 30-40 lb. range, but few and far between for the fly guys. The sailfish are also scattered but as usual if you are lucky you can have good luck with them. My partner and I landed 4 sails one morning in about an hour using poppers,(not trolling), and we had many more grabs and lost a few. This was by no means the norm, but we had some other days with fair sailfish action.

The weather was great with calm water and mild temps. in the 80-90 degree range mostly. The Oasis Hotel, where I always stay has improved their food, and I would have to say it was the best this year that it has ever been. So if you are headed down there lower your expectations a little, and don’t take all those glowing reports issued by the guide services for the Gospel, and you’ll have a great trip. Binky

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