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I was out with Let It Be Inn’s top two guides, Manuel Chac and Ruben Franco.We had been out 3 days prior and hooked Permit 2 of the 3 days. We weredoing some Tarpon fishing and waiting for the sun to get a little higher before looking for Permit. 3 Tarpon had ducked under the Mangrove and while we were waiting for them to come out we looked over our shoulder and the Permit was tailing 20 meters behind the boat. My first cast was a little to close to the fish and he spooked  Surprisingly, he settled back down and took the fly on the second cast.

I was fishing with 15 pound tippet and using a “standard” yarn crab. There was so many Tarpon around that day that the Grand Slam was just a matter of getting the Permit in the boat. It was without a doubt the best two weeks of fishing I’ve ever had in Ascension bay.

Greg De Julio
January 2002

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