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12/14/01 to 12/28/01

Dear Fishing International Inc.

With Rick and Rose the owners and Greg to lend a hand in all fishing situations, Rubins, Manwell and all the other guides make just a perfect team. Nothing was too much trouble to make my stay a good one.

Day one started with breakfast at 7;00am, the Panga was ready to go for 7;30am. By 11:30am I had taken half a dozen nice bonefish off the local flats. Later we decided to walk along the beach where there was chance of catching bigger bonefish and maybe see a permit, Manwell was constantly in attendance bringing the boat up at the rear. Only a hundred yards into the walk we spotted three small permit close to the shore, the first shot produce nothing! We quickly changed to a six weight with a smaller fly and bingo the fish was on. A five minute fight ensued before the fish was tailed, photographs were taken. At this point Manwell told me that two third of a grand slam had been achieved. While having lunch a ten weight was prepared for Tarpon and at 2pm we set off on a long run South to give it a try. The first area produced nothing and the same for the second area, no fish spotted no shots taken. 3:45pm we entered a small channel in the mangrove and just when we had given hope two tarpon were spotted. 60ft 12o’clock Rubin said make it count and I did, the fish hit! I got one chance and luckily the fish stayed on.

Photo Mike Mulhearn

Mike Mulhearn wading the flats of Ascension Bay.



  • First day a Grand Slam and it just went on and on.
  • Snook to double figures.
  • Barracudas, snappers and tarpon on fly.
  • 1 permit on fly.
  • Over 150 bonefish caught.
  • A 30 bonefish day with fish in the 5lb – 7lb range

Lodge and Guide

  • Lodge excellent
  • Food Excellent
  • >Guides Excellent and hard working
  • Weather OK

I have been fishing the flats now for seven years and this trip was by far the best.

A thousand thanks to everyone at Let It Be, I’ll see you next year.

Mike Mulhearn, England

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