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Egypt – Lake Nasser Summer 2002

Thank you to everyone who sent emails commenting on the first issue of News From Lake Nasser we should have started sending out these newsletters a long time ago!!

This summer we started almost every safari at Garf Hussein, which is 160km from Aswan. Although it’s a two-hour drive it was well worth the effort because it allowed us to fish the middle and southern parts of the lake, which were well rested. On a good week a boat was catching, trolling but mostly shore fishing between 50 to 70 fish from 5lb to 168lb, which was the biggest fish so far this summer.

Summer has always been a great time for shore fishing because the Tilapia are in the shallow water building their nests and spawning, which brings Nile perch and Tiger closer to the shoreline. From the shore we had a lots of action with perch between 20lb to 50lb the best was 74lb. The tiger fish were also on form with a lot of fish to 12lb – brilliant sport with light tackle!

In May John Wilson of TV’s ‘Gone Fishing’ fame came on his ninth safari and we are looking forward to fishing with John again in November during our winter season when the big fish are running. John has just launched his latest book John Wilson’s Greatest Fishing Adventures. It is well worth getting a copy of this book, which is very well written, full of fantastic pictures and is a great source of information for the international sport fisherman.

Tight lines and I hope you enjoy our second electronic newsletter. Now that the summer rush is over I hope to be getting these newsletters out to you more often, there are a lot of interesting adventures to tell you about.

Vundu – Lake Record Broken

The Lake Nasser vundu catfish all tackle record was broken by Paul Ciaputa this May while he was on his third safari with friend Tony Johnson. Paul caught a superb 78lb vundu catfish (Heterobranchus longifilis) ledgering from a boat at night. Tim Baily trolling an orange CD14 caught the previous best a 76 pounder.

The vundu was hooked at 3am on a fillet of three-day-old tiger fish! Free lined of the back of the boat. The bait was mounted on a 6/0 single hook; 80lb mono trace and 30lb mainline, fished on a 6lb t/c rod. The fish took approximately 25mins to land and did not go to ground at all during the fight.

Despite fishing every night I hooked only one other vundu, a fish of 8 or 9lbs. I had a 58lb fish on a previous safari in 1999 using similar methods.

Paul and Tony with the 78lb Vundu catfish

Shore Fishing

The Nile perch in the picture below were not aware of the angler who had positioned himself and then waited without moving for the fish to come into his ‘action area’.

Before the fish arrived the angler had already cast out a floating lure (Super Shad Rap or Small Ernie) and left the lure floating in position – as a result the approaching Nile perch was not spooked by a sudden casting movement. When the fish was in position the lure was retrieved so that it swam past the fish’s peripheral vision – not directly at the fish. The result was a very good scrap with a 45-pound Nile perch – it always seems to be the smaller of the fish gets to the bait first!

With this method the angler needs to work with a ‘spotter’ who is positioned in the rocks well above him.

This picture demonstrates rigging Tilapia live bait. Baits are hooked in the dorsal fin with one size 5/0 or 6/0 circle hook. The hook is attached to an 80lb mono shock leader that is about 2 feet long. Above the leader, on the knot to the mainline, is a weight and then 3 to 4 feet above that is a sliding float. You need about six feet between the live bait and the float. This rig allows the live bait to swim around below the weight and not get tangled up. An alternative to Tilapia is to catch a juvenile Tiger fish with a light spinning or fly rod. The lake is full of small Tiger who roam the weed verges and they are relatively easily caught close to a hot spot.

When the Nile perch strikes the live bait the angler has to free spool the bait for 2 to 3 seconds before striking; this allow the perch to turn and start heading away from the angler which enables the strike to pull the circle hook back into the fish’s scissors.

The second picture is the result using the same Tilapia live bait as the first picture. After a tough fight Oliver landing a 63lb Nile perch.

“Another interesting experience is shore fishing… Where else for instances can you work artificial lures from the shore anywhere in the world either in fresh or salt water and encounter fish in the 20 – 100lb plus category. Nasser is quite unique in this kind of experience believe me.” John Wilson of TV “Gone Fishing” programme series.

Hooked On The Nile 2003 – Gives you all the details about our safaris in the coming year CLICK HERE and we will automatically send you a copy by email.


I would like to thank you for an excellent week. The fishing was out of this world I still couldn’t believe the numbers of fish from the shore, over sixty fish in five days up to seventy-five pounds brilliant.

The standard for the week was superb, excellent guides fantastic food and non-stop action, the number of one hundred pound plus fish that were seen was staggering. As you know it was my second visit to Nasser and many more visit’s will follow as soon as possible. Once again thanks for a memorable week.


Gary. England

Sorry for the delay with this letter – I spent few weeks in Finland.

First we would like to thank you very much for our fantastic trip! Special thanks to Salime and Hani!

Please, find the best trophy’s picture attached. It was catched by Viazovoi Boris (my father).

Last week I organized 3-minutes video report on one of our main local TV channels. And we still receive very many calls. Now I’m checking the possibility to put advertisements in special magazines.

In general I could say that many people got interested in safaris. We did not have anything like this on the travel market before. It is a brand new product and it should be demanded. I will keep you informed.

Thanks again!!!

Best regards,

Artem. St. Petersburg Russia

I’ve used this opportunity to say thank you for the past weeks Safari.

Despite the fact that I now know the great John Wilson snores, is overweight (as opposed to yourself who just looks, well… healthily overweight!!) … It was a great week.

Seriously, it WAS good. The scenery and location was every thing I had hoped it would be. The fishing was well…smashing. I WILL NEVER…. NEVER forget the catching of my 75lb fish from beneath that overhang on that rocky outcrop. Your advice and your reaction when I had landed the fish will always be remembered.

I always look to do something different most years. Therefore, whilst I may not return within the immediate future, I will most surely recommend your Safaris, and no doubt be back.

It just remains for me to say. Thanks, good luck for the future and….oh yes let Shaban beach the boat in the future. !!!!


Mike Shaw. England

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