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Lake El Salto, Mexico. For April 1st to 15th, 2003


Air Temp: 75-90°F
Water Temp: 76-82°F
Average number of bass per boat per day: 20-40
Largest bass caught: 13 lbs

Popular lures used this week:
1. Storm & Optimum Swimbaits 4″-6″ – Golden Mullet Pearl Shad, Pinfish.
2. 8″ Lizards and 10″ worms- Black with Blue tail, Black with Chartreuse tail, Blue flake, Watermelon with red flake, Green pumpkin.
3. Rattletrap- 1/2 oz. & 3/4 oz.- Silver/ with Blue back, silver/ with Black back.
4. Soft plastic jerkbaits 6″- Senkos, Kinami Flashes, Culprit, Bass Assassins- White, Baby bass, Blue Flake, Watermelon, Green Pumpkin
5. Spinnerbait- 1/2 & 3 / 4 &endash; White, White / Chartreuse, Chartreuse, Shad. Double silver willow blades.
6. Rapala & Fat Free Shad- Medium & Deep diver- Parrot, Citrus Shad, Blue Gill, Green tiger
7. Spoons &endash; 1 oz. to 1-1/2 oz. &endash; Silver, Chrome.
8. Jigs- 1/2 oz. To 3/4 oz. &endash; Black & Blue, Watermelon, Green pumpkin with trailers.

It’s starting to get a little warmer down here which should put the fishing onto the next level. Usually when the lake gets warmer a lot big fish start to come in off deep points, flats and releases. Now the bait of choice has to be swimbaits. Storm and Optimum have been producing the best. The best color for the Storms is golden mullet, pinfish and shad. The Optimum best color is pearl shad. We are fishing these baits in about 15-30 feet of water and working them real slow on the bottom. The 4-6 inch swimbaits have been producing the best. Plastic worms and lizards have been the runner up bait of choice in back with a blue tail and also black with a chartreuse tail. Most of the clients prefer Texas rigging their worms and lizards over Carolina rigs. The both work well but the amount of structure in the lake doesn’t allow everybody to throw a Carolina rig. The level of the lake is down quite a bit which makes the fishing better because the fish are more concentrated. Deep diving crankbaits are still producing some nice quality bass. When our people are finding the shad busting on top of the water, a silver / blue Rattletrap has been working well. Spoons and jigs are coming on deep in the trees and jigging them up and down with a trailer on the jig. There is a little topwater bite early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

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