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August 25, 2003.
Malindi, Kenya

In our annual news letter I wrote about the potential of the Ziwayu catchment area, and how we were looking forward to fishing this area earlier in the season. All expectations for this area were reached on Saturday the 23rd August when Eclare fished by Batian Craig and Richard Moller fishing the Bunson Gamefishing Challenge an annual Tournament out of Malindi left Ngomeni on the first day. They only fished this area for two hours as they had to be back to Malindi for the weigh in on time. In the two hours they managed to clean up the Tournament with an amazing catch of 5 Big Yellowfin they weighed in at 93,92,90,80 and 79 kgs This is an incredible catch by any standards and only done in two hours. Batian caught the biggest of 93kg which is being claimed as a Kenya record on 36 kg line. We do not know how long these big Yellowfin will remain in this area we are hoping into October any one wanting to do battle with one of these amazing fish should try to get here in the near future.

Eclare won the tournament with this amazing catch. SnowGoose came second Thomas Wright released a Bullshark estimated at 230 Kg (500 lbs) Tina came third with a tagged Sailfish and some Wahoo fished by the Holroyd family.

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