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Huatulco`s Pride – March 11, 2004

forwarded From: Hey FI Webmaster! One of our boats in Huatulco had a great day fishing…Dear Friends,We are very proud to announce that on 11th of March we have made the first Super Grand Slam. Angler Otto Van Onno from Holland has caught on our Marlin Monroe vessel the following number of fishes in just one full-day:

  • 2 blue marlin;
  • one striped marlin;
  • one black marlin;
  • 15 sailfish;
  • 18 dorados.

My really best to all of You

Ultra Light Tackle World Records Holder

“We have hosted ultra light tackle world records holder angler Enrico Capozzi who has booked our boat Marlin Monroe for 17 days in August in order to try to set the world record on the #2 pound line class for sailfish. We have raised a total of 234 sails and 8 marlin with an average of 13.76 sailfish per day and 0.47 marlin per day. We have hooked and fought 46 sails. We have leadered 10 sails on this class of line releasing 8 (one was tagged with Billfish Foundation tag). Two sails were brought to the scale but, unfortunately, no one of these fish was over the existing record fish which is 50.5 kilos (best sail was 45.6 Kg for an outstanding 50 to 1 !!!!). The most important thing is that Marlin Monroe crew was be able to leader 10 sails out of 46 hooked, an outstanding 1 out 4.6!!!

However, world record attempt a part, we had a very great time and great fishing too, considering that August is not our prime fishing season!

Water temperature was between 86.6 and 89.1 F°. Weather conditions were very good to good. In September we fished only two days raising 25 sails.” – Alessandro Giangio.

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