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Hi Bill:

Sorry for the delayed response we have had company for the last 3 weeks.

Overall the trip went very well. The Tropic Star Lodge was excellent overall, especially the food and staff. Service was excellent and they had a great bar. I brought my own 15 yr McCallan scotch, however, they even carried that plus other good scotches (excellent selection of liquors). If I would have known that I wouldn’t have had to carry the extra weight.

The fishing was good (apparently the best is January on) for sails, marlin (especially the black) and Dorado. The inshore fishing was excellent as 3 of us caught some very large Roosters, Amberjacks and red snapper. They use fresh caught bonita that some must of weigh over 3/4lbs, so you can imagine the size of the fish that go for the bait.

Our lodging at the Sortis Resort & Casino was excellent with good size rooms, excellent steak restaurant and buffet breakfast which was provided at no cost. The casino at Sortis was good but the casino we went that was great is Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (It’s a large hotel/casino that has a shopping mall). But for the cost you could not beat the Sortiis (Approximately $173 per night).

On the opposite side, the travel time to Tropic Star was long for me since I had to fly from Honolulu (6 hours) then fly to Panama the next day. In addition, the flight to Tropic Star took about 50 min and then a boat to the lodge. You also need to wear slippers as you need to walk in the water to get to the boat at low tide. The lodge had several accommodations that were at different levels, some of which required a somewhat steep levels to walk to. They gave me a view accommodation (view would have been great, except there trees in front of the view) which was somewhat steep to walk to, so those individuals that have any walking or health problems should request the accommodations at the lower level.

Overall the trip was excellent and I wanted to thank you from all of us for putting this package together, and as always you did a great job.


We like to plan a trip to La Paz, what are your thoughts?


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