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This Barramundi was caught last July 2001 and was a world record.
Details of capture.
Tippett 12 pound
9 weight Sage RPLXI
Fight time 20 minutes
Length of fish 118 cm
Estimated weight 45 pounds

Fish was caught and released and not claimed as a record as angler,Mike Laine of Switzerland wished the fish to be released.Great to see!

Fly was a 3/0 deceiver.An oldy but a goody.

Fishing through 2001 and early 2002 has been the best ever particularly for Barramundi,Threadfin Salmon,Giant Hering(Ladyfish),Giant Trevally,Quuenfish,Permit (Indo-Pacific),and many other species.

Largest Barramundi on fly for 2001 was 118 cms and 45 pound.
Largest Permit was 96 cms or 30 pounds.Also on fly.

Conditions are very dry at the moment and we have had the hottest summer on record.Weather has been excellent with lots of still,hot days.Great for sight casting. As yet we have had no wet season and it looks like we may not get one.

Cape York

This are fished very well this year with pelagics like Queenfish,Giant Trevally and Longtail Tuna really turning it on late in 2002.

The winter fished well for pelagics also.

Barramundi were excellent at Cape York in 2001 with catches of 40 to 60 fish in a day being quite common for two anglers fly fishing.

The wet season is happening right now with no road access available to the tip of Cape York at present.By March this should be all over and things will be back to normal for another year.

Didier this should give you guys an indication of whats happening and I will talk to you later.

Kind regards to you and the crew.
Steve and Michelle Jeston.


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