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Hola Amigos

Just as we expected, Salinas fishing season has started with a bang.

To tell you the truth, we didn’t expect much on the first day out. Conditions were a bit rough with water temperature at 76F and it was uncertain whether the fish would bite so early in the season…..I guess we were wrong.

We had plenty of action with 2 Marlins that came across and several Mahi. But the cherry on the pie appeared after lunch

A big Black Marlin bit and it ran like hell from the first moment. After some intense ( and long) reeling, we managed to get him some 20 yards from the us. It gave a hell of a show for an hour before the line broke.

It went straight for our 80lb test line which we had with an artificial fluorescent lure.

Needless to say we were left with our mouths opened. We managed to get this beautiful pic of all the jumping.

I will keep you all posted with more reports

Buena pesca amigos

Luis Gomez

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