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Hello Capt. Bill!

We have returned from East Cape and here is the report:

*** The reserved cabin cruiser Opah was broken down and on the beach the whole week; therefore we had a different crew everyday

*** Jeff de Brown was quite helpful as a flyfishing guide and came well equipped w/ teasers, squid daisy chain,etc.

*** Hotel food and service were excellent!

Here is a summary of the fishing action:

Monday: raised one small sailfish(40lbs) and refused the fly

Tuesday: hooked one blue marlin on ballyhoo bait and broke the mainline in less than thirty seconds

Wednesday: absolutely no action

Thursday: quadruple hookup of striped marlin(160-180 lbs.) at the same time and landed three on conventional tackle

Friday: Two yellowfin tuna on dead drifted squid or herring bait; hooked a 250 lb blue marlin on fly and broke 50b butt section after 20 mins

Here are some photos of the action!

Many thanks for setting up this trip!!



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