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Thought I would provide a follow up from the trip to Christmas Island. The fishing was great. The offshore fishing is very untouched. We had one day where the weather thoroughly cooperated and my dad and I caught numerous fish jigging and on the surface. The accommodations were adequate as was the food. People working at the lodge were pleasant and friendly. The guides were kind, courteous, and loved to fish. The guides were more than willing to fish…long after my arms gave out from casting 5-6 oz. poppers. The guides were also very helpful with my dad (being in his early 70’s he moves well but isn’t the most mobile.) The guides were always willing to lend a hand. On the last day of fishing I was wiped out and the weather didn’t cooperate to go out in the boat offshore (in addition we needed to pack our tackle.) The Villages accommodated and took us fishing from the shore along with some sight seeing.

I was happy to check a Giant Trevally off my bucket list of fish I wanted to catch. I wanted to catch a dogtooth tuna too. We tried jigging for dogtooth on a calm day, but no luck. I had a few hits around the 250-300 foot mark that peeled off line and took me to the reef. That was with around 25-30lb of drag…I am guessing they were dogtooth. I will have to try again for my goal of a dogtooth.

Overall I would highly recommend the trip. There was one person there fishing for bonefish and he had multiple hook ups. (to the point he seemed bored.) Watching yellowfin and bonita on the surface for thousands of yards is an impressive sight.

I appreciate your service and correspondence with the trip. The customer service was awesome. Attached are a few photos…


–Don Sharr


Fishermen with Tuna - Christmas Island Fishing Fishermen with Bright Red Tropical Fish Christmas Island Fishermen with Christmas Island Fish






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