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Cool Report: Christmas Island at The Villages – Bones, GTs, Milks, Wahoo, Tuna, and Marlin Encounter!

I’m back from CXI and wanted to share a few experiences with you.

Do you remember how I was going to be sharing the resort with some volunteer doctors? When I arrived at the Villages I was told that the doctors had rescheduled their visit until this week. So I had the whole Villages to myself. It was a strange feeling but all of the staff took great care of me. It is a great place to visit and I’m glad I followed your advice. The guides and boatman were good company as usual.

They have a new manager now also – his name is Mika and he has been ‘elected’ for a period of 4 years. He’s a really nice guy, wonderful company and has some great ideas for the resort for the future.

I caught a lot of fish – over 150 bones for the week, including a lot in the 5-7/8lb range. Teannaki and I saw one that was about 3 feet long – it didn’t eat the fly though. I had a 40 fish day with guide Shimano, and another session on a coral flat in the middle of the lagoon with Neemia where every fish was well over 5 pounds.

I stuck a few good GTs too (couple of photos attached) but didn’t see any real monsters.

One day we went offshore to catch wahoo and tuna. We caught a lot, including a big wahoo for me and about 20 yellowfin. We were reeling in a yellowfin of about 60 pounds when it went crazy and bolted away about 100 yards and then turned and ran back at the boat. As it went past the boat the boatman stuck a gaff out and hooked it. We dragged it into the boat and as we were doing that we saw what had caused the tuna to go nuts: a giant blue marlin had been chasing it. It swam around the boat a few times looking for the tuna, then turned and swam away. This was the biggest marlin I’ve ever seen – well over 1000 pounds according to Teannaki. There was no gear on board that was suitable for trying to catch it anyway, but it was an awesome fish to see. I should have tossed a GT fly at it just for a laugh.

I tried for milkfish with Teannaki and although we saw a few hundred we couldn’t get one to eat a fly. I’ll try again next time.

So, in all, a great and well run trip with wonderful fishing, good weather and great company. I can see why people enjoy going back to CXI. I’m going to take my father there at the same time next year, so will book that through you.

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