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I have culled out about half the pics that I took. I figured I had to do a pretty good job of documenting the trip to convince my wife that I was really there and fishing.

Our group of 5 from The Villages was the only group fishing the lagoon
that week. Very little pressure, especially considering the size of
the place.

I would definitely recommend The Villages. The guides were all very good to excellent. The food was abundant and tasty. Nobody in our group got sick, except one man who arrived with a dental problem.
There is a doctor at a clinic in town.

I took a sat phone and it worked ok. I understand that there is cell phone service, but my ATT phone would not work. Rumor has it that the phone needs to be unlocked and usable with the local phone service.

There are life jackets on the boats, but never felt the need to use one. The boats are very stable.

I took way too much gear along, but still stayed under the weight limit. Nobody in our group broke a rod or lost a line all week. If I go back, I’ll just take a 6wt, 8wt, 10wt, a spare reel and a spare line for each weight. Only two changes of clothing are needed, since they are wet every evening and just need to be rinsed and dried the next day. There is a clothes line under the eave outside each room.

I would take some extras for the guides of things like nippers, forceps, boots, rain jackets, shirts, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions about the trip.

Best Regards,

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