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Hey there. Wanted to drop you a line and some pics. We had a great time offshore in Cancun. The guys w/ Mundo Marina were great. We’d chartered a 29′ Phoenix. Got there and it was out of the water for repair. Raul gave us a free upgrade to a 41′ Hateras.

Was late in the season for Sailfish, but I told them that was our main objective. We trolled the shelf for 6 hours straight. Robert, my 13 y/o pulled in a Sail over 6′ long. It was gorgeous. Took Robert and I over 45 minutes to get ’em to the boat. Ran 4 times. Second time, it totally despooled the reel. Was phenomenal, taildances on the water, the whole nine yards. Deck hand dropped the fish while pulling into the boat so we didn’t get a pic of it.

My wife, Tammy pulled in a Sail 5′ 4″. Took the two of us about 20 mins to land. Again, a great time. We did get some great pics of it.

Robert also caught a couple of Barracuda.

Was a great time.
The guys did a great job toward our having a wonderful time.

Our next objective is Blue Marlin, probably in Cabo.
Will be in touch early next yr.

Thanks for your assistance in setting up such a great and memorable fishing trip. Highest Regards;
Jason Brock

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