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Autumn 2002

 Its been a Very Good Summer Season!! Back in November things were not looking great for the world and for tourism in general. After a slow start to the 2002 summer season Edith and I have had a very busy summer. It has been very rewarding as our client days are up 20% on last year, at a time when many of our competitors have experienced down turns of up to 30%. We take it as a recognition of the quality and value of service that we offer at Anglers Retreat. So many have placed their trust in us and in our product at a time that has been difficult for the industry. A big thank you to all that have supported us and trusted us with their valuable clientele. Summer Fishing: Round Up In general the weather over the summer of 2002 will be remembered for the summer that never wasî. In our 24 years of living in this area it was the coldest and wettest on record. The barometer was never still for more than a couple of days which kept things unstteled. Night time temperatures through January and February were down 4 C on the 40 year average. {Sunrise at AR below) But the change in the normal weather pattern didnít prevent us from having some very good fishing and catching some wonderful trout (lots of 10lbíers). The cold nights meant that even though there was a very good hatch of Cicada, it took them half the day to warm up and get active. Mid afternoon was the best time to fish with the dries. Once the  fish got up on them though there was some some good fish and great action to be had. Lake ìOî produced some very big browns and rainbows. Mainly drifting the boat along the channels with dries or anchored and fishing nymphs.

Some of our lady anglers had some great success. Sussane Lyons from the USA caught 2, 10lb rainbows during her 4 day stay. Catching one at Flaxy Lakes whilst fishing with husband Joe and guided by our son Mike. This was a great day with Sussane successfully landing a 101/lbs Rainbow, whilst Joe lost one reportedly quite a bit bigger. A couple of days later whilst being guided by myself at Lake ìOî Sussane netted a rainbow jack of 103/lbs. Not bad for a novice (see above photo). Another lady angler also from the USA, Debbie Micheli also landed a large rainbow weighing in at 12lbs. I look at the photo of this fish and wonder if I made a mistake weighing it. The lady is not holding the fish forward.On that particular day Debbie had hooked and lost 2 others that were also very big fish. Feeling that she had missed her chance for a real big one, when the 12lb fish came along. Husband Mick also had his chances during the week, his 2 best fish were a 9lbs rainbow and a 9lbs brown. Cooler than normal water temperatures meant wearing gortex waders wadersand not waing wet, for most of the summer. The back country trips that we did worked out well, with some good fishing. I only recommend or do these wilderness fly-ins if the conditions are good. I donít see the point in flying into to some rain swollen river, where the trout have got their heads down and theyíre difficult to see. One fly-in that I did with UK client Dave Cruickshank Ron & Edith Burgin Anglers Retreat was into the Ngararoro river. We had had rain a few days before so had left it as late as we could in Daves week-long stay. This river takes quite bit of rain to discolour it and clears quickly. We flew in for 2 days. On arrival, the water was clear, but the river still carrying a little extra. We fished for several hours before seeing our first trout. The water level was still dropping and by afternoon we started to see fish and ended up with some nice ones released. The second day was much better with some very good fish caught and released. Dave worked on one very large rainbow for quite a while. To his credit without spooking the fish. It is very clear water. Finally the fish took a black spider pattern. As March came on the weather improved and I found I was wearing shorts, something I hadnít done for much of the summer. Fishing conditions on the whole were very pleasant. Late March saw Bill and Helen Classon visit us for a few days of fishing and relaxation. Bill and Helen own, edit and produce Australiaís ìFreshwater Fishing Magazineî. Look out for their article on the trip in one of their up coming issues. They had some great fishing and a couple of gooduns. During their stay we fished Lake ìOî, the Waihaha stream only minutes from the lodge upstream of the road bridge. This is challengeing fishing but great fun. We also fished the stream mouth where it enters Lake Taupo, again only just a few minutes away and had an incredible day. It was rewarding to get such positive feedback about our location and facilities from two people who have fished around many of the fishing lodges and locations in New Zealand. Both commented on our magnificent location and variety of waters to fish. ìWe had a lodge and guiding business that would be hard to beat anywhere in New Zealandî. Winter Prospects: Temperatures over the past couple of weeks have been in the high teens to low 20îsÆ’C. It has been dry with little rain in the lake are in good shape and already there have been some nice runs of fish into the Taupo tributaries such as the Tauranga-Taupo and Tongariro Rivers The TaurangañTaupo had some major re-designing back in December due to floods. A trip last week produced some good result for us. Pic of the river below at the Rangers pool. The Tongarrio has already been producing well, with some good browns showing up. The last good rain filled the pools with big browns. Mike our son has been guiding with us full time during the summer months and has been very popular with guests, having some god fun and catching some very nice fish. We have been approached by a well known fishing programme to do some filming later in the year. Filming will take place over 4 days and will give us the chance to show how great our area is. This is now confirmed. You should have received our prices for the next 12 months. If you havenít and would like them please let us know 

Tight Lines & Best Regards
Ron & Edith Burgin


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