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One pic attached. Pretty good Brown. We fished the Beaverhead the 1st and 3rd days and the Big Hole the 2nd. Beaverhead you are doing nymphing chucking line with 2-3 lead shoots and two bead head nymphs, short casts. But very big fish. Mostly browns. Both caught between 6 and 12 fish both days on the Beaverhead. Average size around 18-20. You only land about 50% of your hook ups as they shake the small flies pretty well, or in my case I got almost spooled twice by 24+ inch fish. Biggest landed fish were between 22 and 24 inches. We both caught more fish than anyone else at the lodge during our stay, everyone else using indicators and we went without.

Big Hole pretty water and fished dries, smaller fish on our trip but there are supposed to be bigger fish, they were just away when we visited, but tons of hits/takes (30+ each). Each landed 6-8 fish, but nothing real big – Dad got a 20 inch brown there in the first 10 minutes but nothing that big after that.

People at lodge really good and interesting, food pretty good and rooms good as well. Lodge is out in middle of rolling fields (not on a river, but do have 2-3 trout ponds but we did not fish them). An excellent trip.


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