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Christmas Island Fishing Report

June 2008

Fishing International client Paul Savage reports about his June 2008 fishing trip to the endless flats of Christmas Island:


We can’t thank you enough for the referral to the Mini Hotel on Christmas Island. The fishing was off the charts good and the hospitality shown by Agnes at the Mini was exceptional. Agnes and her family made Kathy, Matt, and me feel like family. As you know the trip was a college graduation for my son, Matt. He picked Christmas Island over many other trips. He wanted a remote location in the tropics and hit a home run with his choice at Christmas Island. Fishing by boat, instead of by car, gave us quicker access to great bone fishing and also gave us access to the ocean for a couple of days of fishing for yellow fin tuna, wahoo, and skip jack. We caught several of each, with the most spectacular being two 5′ wahoos caught and landed by Matt using the “native way” a hand line. Those two giants got him the nickname “Local Man”, as the hand line is the way the local men fish. No fly rods for these guys. It’s hand over hand!

Our meals were basic but delicious. Each day our room was cleaned and fresh flowers were on our pillows. Kathy was a big hit with the local girls as she gave many a toe nail polishing and had a large crowd of kids each night after dinner for cookies and candy. Their lives are so simple and yet they showed us a kindness and hospitality that we rarely see in our daily lives. They would give the shirt off their backs to you except they don’t have one to give. Our two guides were great people as well as terrific guides. They put in long days for us (10 hours minimum) and worked as hard as any guides we have ever used. Without them, fishermen new to the sport of bone fishing like us, would be hard pressed to see the fish let alone land one. Each one of us averaged 15-20 bone fish per day. The average weight was 2-4 pounds, with a couple of 5+ pounders, and one 8 pounder that got away after just a few seconds of ripping off allot of backing.

We were a little nervous the first day on the island, as it’s totally different than the normal fishing “resort”. By the end of the week, we were hooked on Christmas Island and already planning a return trip as soon as possible. If you want a trip with lots of fish, great weather, and the most natural people in the world to live with, try the Mini Hotel. Its a little funky but great fun. Warning though, you might get hooked!!

Best regards,

Paul Savage

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