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International Fishing Report
Fishing Holbox Island and Cancun

June, 2007

In the words of the OTHER, more experienced fisherman there, our trip was nothing short of EPIC! Our experience was EPIC and AWESOME! On the third day, we had a good handle on the rhythm of how to fish these beasts – and accordingly got hookups on 15 of the first 20 shots – all before 8:30 AM!


We had solid hookups on tarpon on anywhere from 30 minutes to as long as Reed’s 4 ½ hourmarathon with a really big one – most were in excess of an hour each. Our guide, Tacon, was fantastic and really knew how to put us into position to intercept the fish.


80 to 120 Lb Tarpon were always in abundance in large schools that made for excellent sight-fishing. The really big 200 pounders were reportedly moving into the bay behind the island as we were wrapping up our trip.


Isla Holbox Fly-fishing Lodge is a great place that is immaculate and very well-run. It is a great place to go to have the ambiance of a peaceful quaint fishing village while having a focus on fishing. Luciano knows whatit takes to be a great host.


Three days of tarpon and two days of deep sea sails, Dorado, and tuna actually left us sore! In looking back, in five full days of fishing, we never went more than 30 minutes between fish – it was non-stop. We haddoubles on tarpon and triples on Dorado. We couldn’t ask for anything more!


We’ll be back!

Regards and with appreciation,
Harris and Son Reed

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