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Alaska Fishing Report
Karluk River, Kodiak Island

August 2006

The Dan Littleton Group at the Karluk River[Upon returning from a week at the Karluk Riverside Camp, Dan Littleton sends us this report – Ed.]

Here is the straight scoop;

  • Fishing was fantastic
  • We had an unmatched experience in just seeing that many Pink salmon / catching “many-many-many” was just a bonus / there was literally 250,000 fish in one hole
  • We caught sockeye salmon & pink on fly gear
  • We started complete pandemonium in the village when I and one of my sons caught three really nice Halibut off the beach on spinners on salmon gear (ask Ronnie about it next time you get a chance to call) / we definitely left the lore of the “Littleton party” behind us
  • We were treated to something special by Ronnie and his grandson (also Ronnie) when they took us in their skiff’s down the beach to a nearby river that will remain nameless because I’m not sure that they want to mention it / my perception is that no one gets to go there except for the locals. At this river we found a brilliant school of large coho and did partake of some fantastic spinner action on light tackle.
  • The people were fantastic
  • The place was great
  • Betty’s cooking was wonderful

We are fisherman that appreciate the excellent hospitality and wonderful people that our hosts were. Please tell them thank you again for us!

We’ll be back, but probably not next year because we have other places to return to that we did not do this year.

Thanks again.

Dan Littleton

Dan Littleton Group and Silver Salmon catch at the Karluk River

A Fine Catch of Silvers
Dan Littleton and one of many pink salmon caught on the Karluk

One of Many Pink Salmon


Fishing at the mouth of the Karluk River

Fishing at the River Mouth
Dan Littleton and a halibut caught at the mouth of the Karluk

Dan’s Halibut Catch


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