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Alaska Fishing Report
Yetna and Kenai Rivers

June 2006

June 6 & 7, 2006 We fished out of RIVERSONG LODGE on the Yetna River for the beginning of the King Salmon Run in Early June.The owners of Riversong Lodge, Randy and Robin Dewar, gave us their “Top Guide” – ZACH. He managed to get us hooked up in about 10 minutes with Kings in the 20 lb range, with the winner weighing exactly 40 lbs. These Kings start their trek in the Susitna River coming out of the Cook Inlet, make a left into the Yetna, and move way inland to their spawning grounds at the “Gin Clear” waters of legendary Lake Creek. This is a 70-mile swim. We were delighted to see that all the Kings landed were bright, silver fish … real “Chromers”. We also spent a few hours on upper Lake Creek and landed many Rainbows and Grayling.

Chris with his 40-pounder

Zach & Chris at the Lodge

Riversong Lodge was named one of the 25 Best Lodges in America by Travel & Leisure magazine. The food was truly gourmet, with two full time Chefs.

Accommodations were immaculate and service fabulous. The fishing grounds were also about 3 minutes away from the Lodge itself.

June 14, 2006

We fished the early King Salmon run on the famous Kenai River with 40-year veteran guide Danny Paulk and his “sidekick/mate” Arch Richardson of the Kenai River King Guide Service.

Within three hours we landed 4 Kings, the biggest weighing 60 lbs. This fish fought for 10 minutes – going up river, down river, and side to side. We landed it, and released for it was TOO BIG for the June slot limit requirements. We were happy just to see one of these giants!

A Kenai River King Guide Boat

Chris with a Big King on the Line

The 60-lb King Before Release

We also fished the most popular tributary to the upper Kenai, the Russian River. Thousands of sockeye poured into this gin clear, fast moving waterway. There were also hundreds of fisherman from around the world trying to “mouth snag” these 8-10 chrome fish. What a sight. Many Rainbows in the water and a few Grizzlys stalked the shores also.

All in all, what a great trip to a great destination!

That’s all for now.
Capt. Bill Hutchinson

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