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Casa Vieja Lodge in Puerto San Jose, Guatemala has become the most popular destination on this Pacific Coast.    They have captured the attention of anglers that want quantity of Sails

Their fleet averages more than 15 releases per boat, per day. There’s no other area on Earth with this many big fish, and no other lodge that can find them the way we can.

Built over twenty years ago as the private retreat to one of Guatemala’s most prominent sporting families, the newly renovated Casa Vieja Lodge is sure to delight guests who have angled the all over the world.

Continual upgrading makes Casa Vieja Lodge the ultimate retreat after a day on the water. There is no surprise that the Lodge was designed by lifelong sportsmen who believe that world class fishing deserves world class accommodations – regardless of how far you are from home.

A majority of the lodge staff and Captains were employees of the original Fins ‘n Feathers Inn that began the Guatemala sportfishing industry and are all masters of guest relations as well as lifelong friends of many clients.

Guatemala’s Pacific West Coast is known as the #1 billfishing destination in the world!

Double-digit sailfish raises have been recorded by our crews every month of the year, as well as marlin releases. Grand Slams are an everyday possibility from December thru March and again in the late May thru July.      



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