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Worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas. Pelagic and seasonally migratory, Wahoo tends to be a loner or travel in small groups of 2 to 6 fish. There are seasonal concentrations off the Pacific coasts of Panama, Costa Rica and Baja California in the summer, off Grand Cayman (Atlantic) in the winter and spring, and off the western Bahamas and Bermuda in the spring and fall. It feeds on squid and pelagic fishes, including small mackerel and tuna, flying fish, puffers, and whatever appears desirable since few fish can escape. Found around wrecks and reefs where smaller fish aare abundant, but it may also be found far out to sea. Fishing methods include trolling with whole, rigged Spanish mackerel, mullet, ballyhoo, squid or other small baits as well as with strip baits or artificial lures. An excellent eating fish.

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