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Occurs only in the western Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia, Canada, to Uruguay, including the Gulf of Mexico, and occasionally in the West Indies. A voracious predator, it feeds primarily on smaller fishes which it often chases onto beaches, against seawalls, or into boats. In open water, jacks will herd bait fish into a tight mass, then rush in from all sides, choosing their prey and doggedly pursuing it. The crevalle jack also feeds on shrimp and other invertebrates and on garbage dumped from boats. This is a suberb light tackle species, and can be taken by spinning, fly fishing, trolling, or surf casting, generally with live mullet or pinfish as bait. If a lure is used, it should be retrieved at a fast pace without pausing or stopping as jacks tend to lose interest in anything that doesn’t act normally. Not a terribly good eating fish.

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