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The majority of trout caught in the San Juan will be rainbows. Since the original stocking in the early 1960’s the rainbow have taken over and multiplied at a phenomenal rate. An “average” rainbow on the San Juan would be a trophy on any other river. Because of the food flowing down the big river, these rainbows have an impressive growth rate with small heads and large full bodies. ‘Bows in the 4-5 lb. category are common and fish as large as 8-9 lbs. are not at all unusual.

The San Juan originates from the face of the huge Navajo Dam in the Four Corners region where the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado come together. It is a cold (45F), clear and spectacular river swarming with rainbows, brown and few Snake River cutthroat trout.

A 1/4 mile section of the river just below the dam has been set aside as a catch and release area where all the fish caught must be immediately returned to the water. Below this is the 3  1/2-mile section designated as Trophy Water. In this stretch, one fish of 20″ or longer may be kept. Only artificial lures and flies with single barbless hooks may be used in both the catch and release and trophy waters.

Below these special sections, the San Juan is fishable all the way down to the town of Blanco, approximately 14 miles from the dam. In the river below the trophy area, a limit of trout may be taken and fishing with bait is permitted. The river below the village of Navajo Dam runs through private property and permission must be secured before fishing this water.

The San Juan is fishable all year as the blues skies and warm sunshine of Northern New Mexico provide ideal conditions for both wading and floating the big river.

Trip Rates

Example Rates – subject to change by operator

San Juan River Lodging

$68.00 for one angler per night

$78.00 for two anglers per night

$95.00 for three anglers per night

Includes: Accommodations; rooms are clean, modern and equipped with queen sized beds, telephone, TV and VCR, refrigerators, microwave, fly tying table with light, rod and racks, Continental breakfast and lunch.


San Juan River Guided Fishing

$315.00 for one or two anglers per day wading or floating or both

Includes: Lunch, all flies and most tackle needed. $240.00 for one or two anglers for 1/2-day wading or floating or both

Includes: All flies and most tackle needed.

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