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Rio Parismina is a resort lodge located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, built on 50 acres of lush jungle, on the banks of the famous Parismina River. We offer luxury rooms accommodations with superb food and a wealth of amenities in one of the world’s finest Tarpon and Snook sport fishing areas.

Hero03At Rio Parismina Lodge you’ll find newer, better boats and equipment, outstanding meals, and more personal comforts, including a pool, Jacuzzi and open bar. All this at prices are comparable to other lodges in the region.




We offer larger, more stable and better equipped boats for ocean fishing in choppy waters. Our custom designed fleet of 21-foot, modified V-hull ocean craft are built especially for Parismina’s ocean conditions. This means you have a better chance of Tarpon fishing than other competing lodges in the region. What’s more, these ocean craft give you the option of fishing a virgin reef a few miles off-coast for Snapper, Tuna, Wahoo, King Mackerel and other major gamefish.




It is here on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, that enormous schools of marauding Tarpon search to satisfy their endless appetite. Casting a plug or fly into a school of feeding Tarpon is just the start of one of the greatest experiences an angler can have. Perhaps no other fish will take a lure so softly and then explode into wild, acrobatic leaps to throw the lure.

The Parismina River is the site of four world-record Snook. Casting into the surf at the mouth of the Parismina River, you might spot Tarpon rolling or catch glimpses of giant Snook as they frantically chase after baitfish.


Due to the typical schedules of international flights between the U.S. and Costa-Rica, you should normally allow a night in San Jose at the beginning and at the end of your trip to Rio Parismina. For this reason, and because it is more fun, this is the package we feature. Enjoy lodge accommodations Saturday to Saturday or Tuesday to Tuesday and get in seven full days of Fishing.

When you arrive in San Jose, you will be met and transported a short distance to a first-class cosmopolitan hotel to prepare for the next day 5:20am 30-minute scheduled flight to Rio Parismino Lodge.



At the Lodge, everything is provided – Luxury accommodations and all local beverages and gourmet meals while at the lodge, professional fishing guide, use of our specially built state-of-the-art ocean craft, and local transportation to and from the lodge.

On your last day you will return to San Jose by scheduled flight and be transported to a first-class cosmopolitan hotel to spend the evening and prepare for your transfer to the San Jose Airport and departure the next day.



Trip Rates

Example Rates – subject to change by operator

(All Rates are Per Person)

The Classic:  $4,500  double

Luxury lodge accommodations and fishing Saturday to Saturday or Tuesday to Tuesday for seven full days of Fishing. Ideal for fishing couples or for you and another fishing partner. You will share a room, guide, boat and motor during your stay.

The Solo Classic:  $4,850 single

Seven full days of fishing. This trip assures you of complete privacy, with exclusive use of your own single occupancy cabin, guide, boat and motor throughout your stay so you can fish when, where and however you please.

The Long Week-End Special:  $2,400  double, $2,800 single

Three full days of fishing. The Saturday to Monday special lets you enjoy three full days of fishing. Arrive at the lodge Saturday morning early, fish Saturday through Monday,and depart the lodge Tuesday morning.

The Mid-Week Special:  $3,000 double, $3,400 single

A Tuesday to Saturday trip designed to let you enjoy four full days of fishing excitement,yet still get to go where you need to go by the early week-end. Arrive at the lodge early Tuesday morning, fish Tuesday through Friday, depart the lodge Saturday morning.

Couples Classic

(Call 800-950-4242 or E-Mail for Current Rates)

This package works best for 2-6 couples (must be two couples or multiple of two). Ideal for couples when one spouse does not fish. Enjoy lodge accommodations and full 7 days of fishing!


Non-fishing activities include: Sightseeing Parismina, national park tour, night sea turtle excursion, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Travel between San Jose and Rio Parismina:

Due to the schedules of international flights arriving and departing San Jose, Costa-Rica along with the schedules of connecting flights between San Jose and Parismina, you should normally allow a night in San Jose at the beginning and at the end of your trip to Rio Parismina Lodge.

All packages described above include ground transfers while in San Jose, pre-scheduled air travel between Parismina and San Jose, and local transportation between Parismina airport and the Lodge.

International flights, San Jose hotel, and meals while in San Jose are not included in the above package prices.

Deposits, final payments and cancellations: A 50% deposit is required to confirm dates. Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. Cancellations will be refunded only if your spot can be subsequently booked.

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