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The Restigouche River Lodge is located on 3 miles of crystal clear, Atlantic Salmon fly fish water at the junction of the Matapedia River in New Brunswick, Canada. It is the first camp on the salmon’s journey up the Restigouche. Many anglers consider the Restigouche River the best Atlantic salmon water in the world. In 2008, although only a few of our property’s vast array of pools were fished, 183 Atlantic Salmon were landed and released. The big fish of 2008 was taken in May and weighed in just over 40lbs. In addition to the Atlantic salmon fishing, trophy sea trout are taken from the end of May until mid-June and again in September.

The Restigouche River, together with its principal tributaries, the Matepedia, the Patepedia and the Kedgwick, makes up one of the top 10 Atlantic salmon fishing grounds in the world. A 55 kilometer stretch of the Restigouche has been designated part of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System.

Between 15,000 and 25,000 salmon enter the Restigouche each year, which attracts anglers from all over the world. While many Atlantic salmon are reluctant to strike, the Restigouche variety are aggressive, and once hooked, they fight like devils and are highly acrobatic.

“JDZ” writing in Field & Stream magazine says, “They’ve got so many record salmon in the Restigouche that I place no reliance in any estimated weights or lengths myself.” Nonetheless, one fish estimated at about 72 pounds and 58 inches long was caught and released on the Restigouche a few years ago, while a 60 pounder was caught on the Restigouche last season, according to Outdoor Canada magazine.

Knowledgeable anglers rank the Restigouche with or above such famed rivers as the Alta, the Gaula, the Spey, the Dee, the Big Laxa, the Ponoi, the Kharlovka, the Selá,. the Grand Cascapedia, the Miramichi, the Eagle, and the Moisie.







For over 100 years, the Restigouche has attracted many of the world’s leading sportsmen. Among the VIPs who have fished the Restigouche are the Duke of Windsor, George H.W. Bush, Norman Schwarzkopf, Hubert Humphrey, Ted Williams, Bing Crosby, William K. Vanderbilt, Lord Beaverbrook, Maurice Richard, and Brian Mulroney.

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The Restigouche Lodge features comfortable accommodations for up to 10 anglers, as well as a spacious lounge with a panoramic view of the Restigouche River and the surrounding Chic-chocs Mountains. Our chef prepares three meals each day for a dining experience unmatched on the Gaspe peninsula.

The Restigouche River Lodge is owned and operated by fishermen for fishermen.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing Throughout the Season On the Restigouche River

Atlantic salmon fishing on the Restigouche River begins around the second week in May and continues until the end of September. Earlier spring weeks can be arranged and unlike most private salmon camps guests are able to book trips in most of the weeks throughout the season at the RRL. We have broken up the full season into four parts to explain what guests can expect for Atlantic salmon fishing during a particular time of the season.

Four Seasons Within a Season

Early and Spring Weeks

Begin the second week in May into the second week of June.

The Restigouche River has an early spring run of very large Atlantic salmon, Atlantic’s as large as any river in the world. Chrome salmon in small numbers enter the Restigouche as early as mid April. This is only weeks after the ice out and coincides with the kelts readying for their return to the salt. Early in May a heavy run of smelt begin making their way in from the ocean on their spawning run. Following the smelt are sea trout, sea run brook trout that along with the kelts feed heavily on the run of smelt. At this time anglers have opportunities on all three. As we move to mid, late May and the early June weeks the numbers of salmon increase, for the most part all big Atlantic salmon in the thirty pound range and above mostly consisting of females, referred to as hens. Wet flies, large sizes, tubes or Waddington shanks with sink lines, tips and heavy leaders are in order. All depending on the water conditions at that particular time.

Prime Weeks

From the second week of June through the second week of July

Atlantic salmon numbers increase throughout the prime weeks. Salmon average in the high teens to the low twenties. More male salmon are entering along with runs of salmon from the different tributaries of the Restigouche River. Around the end of June grilse also start to show up increasing the action. The third and fourth weeks in June along with the first week of July have always been covenanted by anglers as the most prized weeks by to be on the Restigouche. The RRL has spots available every year for anglers wanting to book one of these weeks. One clue is to book your trip very early.

Summer Dry Fly Weeks

July into the end of August.

Sight fishing in gin clear water, dead drifting dries or swinging wets just subsurface marks the type of fishing at this time of the season. As water and air temperatures increase Atlantic salmon seem to prefer the bombers floating on the surface, so be ready. The RRL’s resident fish, salmon that stay and spawn from our pools, take hold in July.

Fall Weeks

Weeks from late August till the end of September.

Atlantic salmon numbers increase on the lodge’s water late August into early September. Along with the resident fish salmon tend to drop down river although salmon from the salt have reduced to only a few individuals our numbers keep increasing. Atlantics with big kypes and brown trout looking colors start becoming more aggressive as the spawning season approaches. Salmon take both wet and dry flies according to the conditions.

Trip Rates

Example Rates – subject to change by operator

Season Early June through Early September

Rates vary depending on the season and range from $3,500.00 per person to $5,500.00 per person

Non-fishing guests when available $250.00 per day (with a fishing guest)

What’s included:

  • All accommodations at Restigouche River Lodge as specified
  • All guided fishing as specified
  • Three meals per day
  • All non-alcoholic beverages
  • Access to all private pools

What’s not included:

  • International flights and transportation to and from the lodge
  • Fishing equipment, tackle and flies
  • Fishing License
  • Gratuities for guides and lodge staff
  • Alcoholic beverages (BYO)
  • 15% New Brunswick sales tax (added to final YD Invoice)


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