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Surrounded by pristine snow-capped peaks, ancient woodlands and abundant wildlife, there’s no better place for classic fishing then at Great Alaska Adventure Lodge. Battle the giant King Salmon or feisty Trophy Trout that you thought were just legends. With our riverfront lodge and outcamps located on the Kenai Peninsula, our guests can experience the thrill of remote Alaska, yet enjoy excellent accommodations that make everyone feel at home. We specialize in providing our guests with bountiful Salmon Fishing, Alaska Wildlife Safaris and exhilarating wilderness activities. Depending on the type of Alaska vacation you prefer, we offer a variety of lodging options to accommodate your tastes and your budget.


Great Alaska Lodge



King salmon (5/15 – 7/31) are the world’s largest, averaging 35 – 60 pounds. Trolling and drifting from power and drift boats in shallow water mean violent strikes with great fights. Beginners and experts enjoy success as our expert guides maneuver the boat to the fish- but once it’s hooked…it’s all you! 4 kings passing the 80 pound mark have fallen to our clients over the years, with countless 50, 60 and 70 pound specimens kept or released as well.

Silver salmon (8/1 – 9/31) are an acrobatic species that readily take spinners, spoons and flies with equal abandon. Nearly as popular as the famous Kings, they are very popular with our returning guests. Perfect for catch and release, they are also excellent table fare and combine with our trophy trout in the later season. Casting spinners with spin and baitcasters is the most effective method of targeting these great gamefish.

Sockeye Salmon (6/5 – 7/31) may be Alaska’s most amazing sportfish. The first run migrates up the Kenai to the Russian, however it’s the second run, in July, which our guests get excited about. Thousands upon thousands gang up in front of the lodge and make for great fun in the evenings after the King trips are over (in fact, some guests choose to target the Sockeye rather than the Kings!) A great bonus species in July, their eggs and decomposing bodies provide nutrients for the fat rainbows we love in August and September.

The Area and it’s surrounding rivers consistently produces some of Alaska’s most impressive Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden catches. Our best fishing is August and September, with good catches available from the middle of June on. As they are a resident species we practice catch and release on all Trout species. Vying for the Kings for most popular sportfish in Alaska, the Rainbow combines with our excellent Silver salmon for great late season angling right up until the end of September.

Halibut reside in the deep, cold waters off the western and Eastern sides of the the peninsula. Early in the season we target them in Cook Inlet, often combining trolling for King salmon with bottom fishing for the giant Halibut. Later, we move to Kenai Fjords National Park and target the halibut and Silver salmon in Prince William Sounds beautiful waters. The Halibut is a delicious fish, best known for it’s culinary, rather than it’s fighting qualities. That being said, the large “barn door” specimens of 100+ pounds do put up quite a battle, and most guests long remember their trip on the “Captain Hook.”


Fishing seasons at Great Alaska



Kenai River – We fish Alaska’s most famous river, the Kenai, from 20′ River Sleds and quiet drift boats. These boats are ideal fishing platforms for targeting the world’s largest king salmon and casting for the acrobatic silvers. Our company is fortunate to have been permitted to fish the refuge trout waters of the upper Kenai. This area is one of the most spectacular trout fisheries in the state, catch and releasing 25 trout or char up to 10 lbs is not uncommon.

Kasilof River – The Kasilof produces quality king and silver salmon runs from May through September. This driftboat only river is a beautiful setting and the perfect place for a quiet drift and hot fishing.

Wadefishing Rivers – Selected for their peak periods, a handful of classic Alaskan streams and lakes offer variety to your week while fishing for grayling, steelhead, salmon and trout.

Fly Out Fishing – Many trips include fly outs to remote streams for king, red and silver salmon fishing at peak season. This includes the prolific untouched freshwater fishing available in a variety of areas.

Seward Offshore – The gulf of Alaska is home to glaciers, orca, monster halibut, giant lingcod, and huge numbers of silver salmon. For a trip to fill the freezer, there is no place like this area abundant with marine life.

Cook Inlet – Cook Inlet halibut and king salmon fishing is a treat with average halibut of 30-40lbs and many in the 100’s. Early in the year quality king salmon are caught by trolling the beaches, this makes for an excellent combo trip.


Our 3-Star lodge is located in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula on 25 acres of prime mid-river property overlooking the confluence of the Kenai and Moose rivers with a backdrop of the mountains and glaciers of the Harding Icefield. This central location allows us to easily access the entire Kenai Peninsula.

Our deluxe riverfront cabins feature private bath and fireplaces from standard double to spacious family suites with spiral staircase.

Stay in the three-star comfort of our main lodge with concierge service. Our lodge’s rustic luxury is distinctly Alaskan, with excellent dining, full bar and meeting space available. Or, experience true Alaska adventure travel with our backcountry camping options. For those who prefer something in between, our permanent tented camps provide the prefect balance of rugged and civilized living.

We believe that your hours off the water should be nearly as memorable as your time on it! You can expect amenities such as welcome baskets, “coffee to your door” wakeups, riverfront cabins with private baths, fireplaces, nightly happy hour and fantastic meals.

Trip Rates

Example Rates (per person) – Subject to change by operator

Deluxe Lodge Package

Four days fishing – $2,895.00

Six days fishing – $4,195.00

This is the trip that started it all for us – Ground transportation to and from Anchorage, full-on, world-class sport fishing, targeting the world’s largest Salmon and Halibut, plus phenomenal Rainbow Trout and Char. You’ll be treated to nightly happy hour, excellent meals, and riverside cabins at one of the best fishing locations in Alaska. The flexible basic itinerary will be adjusted to focus on each angler’s specific preference. This fishing trip is designed to fill your memory and your freezer!

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