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Welcome to the Golden Dorado River Cruiser, the one and only mother ship fishing program in all Argentina.
With world-class lodging in its fully upgraded liveaboard, adapted to the modern angler, looking to find comfort, while accessing the most exclusive and off the beaten paths of other boats and anglers.

This amazing program features all the ingredients to make a trip of a lifetime, chasing the hard fighting golden Dorado, as well as other fantastic game fish in the huge upper delta of the Paraná River system, one of the biggest in the world.

Another important characteristic of our program is the short distance from Buenos Aires City and Rosario City. If you are in Rosario, you can get to the Marina in 45 minutes. And, if you are coming from Buenos Aires, the Marina is only 2.5 hours away!

To understand the marked advantages of our program fly fishing for Dorado lodging at a moving Mother Ship rather than at a static lodge, you need to understand the geography of the amazing Paraná River.

The Paraná River is born in the south of Brazil and, on its way south, as it enters Argentina it receives water from several smaller rivers and tributaries, and as it enters the provinces of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe, forms one of the largest deltas in the world, as the famous Uruguay river joins in, finishing at La Plata River near the city of Buenos Aires, before going into the Atlantic Ocean.

This large river system is the second biggest in South America, after the Amazon, with a total length of over 1500 miles, with hundreds of tributaries, deltas, marshlands, lagoons, side channels, full of fantastic flora and fauna, providing the most exciting adventure in this unique part of Argentina.

PRIME SEASON:  October – March ……. although it is fish-able all year.

Each day you will be fishing new waters, working different locations in its various forms, like runs, inlet/outlets of lagoons, small side channels, tributaries bringing bait fish, and on and on.

Golden Dorado are extraordinary hunters. They are always in search of an easy prey that happens to go by their holding spot (even a smaller Dorado!). They like moving water, and most times stalk close to river structure.
Fishing is done from brand new boats, specially designed for fly fishing, with two casting platforms that allow comfortable casting and fishing of two anglers at the same time, with remote operated electrical engine done by the guide.

Besides targeting Golden Dorado, there is also the added bonus of fishing other exciting fish too like Pacu, Pira Pita, Tararira, Surubi, Chafalote, and other freshwater species, which provide fantastic sport.


Trip Rates

Example Fishing programs and prices:  subject to change by Operator

-Full-week programs: $4,200 (7 nights / 6 fishing days) till June 30th 2018

-Full-week programs: $4,500.00 (7 nights / 6 fishing days) June 30th 2018 – 2019

-Half-week programs: $2,500 (4 nights / 3 fishing days)

Staff tips are not included in these rates.

It is also possible to add more days to these programs. Please contact us for more information and details.

What is included

  • -Round trip Transfers to/from airport to Mother Ship location.
  • -Fishing at Parana River and its tributaries.
  • -Use of motor boats and skiffs during fishing, two anglers and one guide per boat.
  • -Lodging at exclusive Golden Dorado River Cruiser, at double rooms with en suite bathrooms.
  • -All meals prepared by our Chef and sous chef. Lunches can be arranged by ur guides during fishing programs.
  • -All drinks, such as great Argentinean wine, beer, soft drinks, cocktails, whiskey, cognac, gin, Fernet Branca, Campari, Cinzano, Gancia, and others.
  • -Wireless Internet access.

Fishing Experiences

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