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Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Char, Pike

A remote fly-in wilderness fly fishing lodge situated at the mouth of the pristine Peace River. Coveted for its consistent crystal clear water system, Fishing Bear’s remote wilderness location offers fly fishermen and fisherwomen a diverse experience for some of Alaska’s finest clear water stream and river fly fishing opportunities.

Guests enjoy the quality of each days experience and enjoy fly fishing diversity on 10 different clear water rivers, streams and 6 lakes. Fishing Bear guest capacity is 8 guests per week however the lodge can accommodate larger family or business groups with advance planning. Owners Justin and Lisa Johns employ a staff consists of 10 energetic professional individuals who are there to provide guests a quality fly fishing and wilderness experience.

Four beautiful cedar and spruce guest cabins, which can accomodate two or three people each. These cabins have very nice views on the waterfront at the mouth of the Peace River. All cabins have single beds, table and chairs, with propane lighting. All dining takes place in the main cabin with dinner music, china place servings, and some of the finest meals in Alaska. A generator for the freezer which can also be used for charging camera batteries. Toilet facilities are the old fashioned outhouses, effective as ever. We do have a hot water shower house, to provide “on-demand” hot water showers at any time.

Fishing Bear is located at the mouth of Alaska’s Peace River in the center of the Wood River – Tikchik River Park, North America’s largest Wilderness State Park. Freshwater fish are prolific throughout the area. Rainbow trout, arctic char, dolly varden, grayling, whitefish and northern pike abound in the lakes and interconnected rivers. The lakes vary in length from 15 to 45 miles, each fed by numerous streams and interconnected by clear flowing world-class fishing rivers.

There are a wide variety of fish available, and the locations are truly beautiful. All freshwater fish are catch and release only except you may keep five Sockeye Salmon to take back home.

Named for its watershed systems of large interconnected clearwater lakes and rivers, the area spans a unique variety of terrain and vegetative zones and is renowned for its diverse beauty.Spired peaks, high alpine valleys, waterfalls, hanging glaciers and great glacial scoured mountains make the scenery at our location and the western reaches of the lakes some of the most magnificent on earth.

Fishing Bear Lodge RainbowRAINBOW TROUT – Wild, native Rainbow Trout! Fish four spectacular rivers and several streams. Our Rainbow fishing is generally good throughout the season from mid-June thru October. From mid August thru September the rainbow are concentrating on the eggs of the spawning salmon and both the numbers and size of the fish in the rivers increases to average 16″ – 24″ inches.. Of course the very best fishing at opportunistic times during the day and evenings is generally associated with weather patterns and insect hatches.

Fishing Bear Lodge SockeyeSOCKEYE SALMON – Beginning the last days in June an average of 1.5 million Sockeye Salmon begin their annual spawning migration from the ocean to their spawning beds throughout the regional river and lake system. During the month of July the fly fishing for fresh Sockeye is excellent. These fish are 6-12 lbs and pound for pound as strong, wild and exciting as any fish in North America. These fish are wild and will give you an incredible out of the water acrobatic aerial display if you happen to give them some line.

Fishing Bear Lodge PikeNORTHERN PIKE – If you have ever tried “Piking” it is a lot of fun. From mid June thru September in the shallow bays and weed beds, enjoy some exceptionally exciting Northern Pike fishing. These fish are explosive when taking a fly and most of our guests ask to fish for Pike again after trying it for the first time. The size of the Pike varies greatly with a lot of fish between 28″ – 32″ inches (4-7lbs), some 32″ -36″ inches (8-16lbs), and a few in the 38″- 44″ inch class (16-25lbs).

Fishing Bear Lodge CharARCTIC CHAR – The Arctic Char fishing is exceptional from mid-June to the first week in July when they are voraciously feeding on the salmon fry and smolt as these schools of small salmon migrate down the river systems. From mid-August through September the Char are abundant and, like the Rainbows, are concentrating on the Salmon spawn. Through the summer Char are available but not in the abundant numbers that they are in the spring and fall. Size of fish in general averages 16″ -26″.

Fishing Bear Lodge GreylingARCTIC GRAYLING – These beautiful fish with the large dorsal fin “sail” and vivid iridescent colors are abundant iyear-around in nearby rivers and streams. Grayling readily take a dry fly or nymph pattern and are exceptionally fun to sight cast to in small crystal clear streams. Grayling are generally abundant throughout the season. We have large grayling with the average fish being 16″ – 18″ with fish up to 22 inches possible.

Trip Rates

Example Rates – Subject to change by operator

6 Full Fly Fishing Adventure Days $3,800 Per Person

Additional costs: $300 per person round trip bush plane charter for fly-out excursions. $55 Alaska Fishing License. Costs associated with any overnight stays in Dillingham.

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