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Mexico has long been known as a mecca for duck and dove hunting, particularly in the West Coast region near Mazatalan. Fast flying birds, furious action and red hot shotguns are trademarks of wing-shooting south of the border. Few places in the world can offer the kind of wing-shooting that Mexico is famous for. The hunts are accessible by boat, a mode of transportation which greatly expand your shooting opportunities and increase the number of birds you will encounter. You will be hunting white-winged and mourning doves both in the morning and afternoons.



Birds and Flyways

These are the four flyways that exist in North America.

As you can clearly see in the map, in Sinaloa ( just across the tip from Baja), the Pacific and the Central flyways meet, providing the state with the duck species from both flyways, making the hunt more enjoyable and rich in ducks.  we also get some ducks from the Mississippi flyway and some of the species you can find are listed below.

Birds: Pintail | Cinnamon Teal | Gadwal | Wigeon | Shoveler



INCLUDES: ground transportation to/from hotel in Mazatlan, english-speaking professional guide, personal retriever (one per hunter), hunting vest (if needed), hunting chair (if needed), airboats (if needed), 15% Mexican luxury tax on all hunts.

NOT INCLUDED : drinks, lunch, hunting license (may be obtained through the outfitter), shotgun rental ($15/day), shells ($17.50 per box, rate may change depending on local prices).

5:00 AM – Hunters are picked up at their hotel lobby at 5:00 AM and transported to the marsh.
7:00 AM – Duck hunting for your personal limit. Includes soft drinks, water, and beer.
11:00 AM – Lunch at a local restaurant.
2:00 AM – Transport to second hunt. (if duck in morning, dove in afternoon and vice-versa)
7:00 PM – Finish second hunt.
8:00 PM – Back to your hotel.

NOTE: Half-day trips for either duck or dove hunt – you are back to your hotel by 1:00 PM (no lunch included).

SUGGESTED TIPS : Bird Boy $20 – $25 per day per hunter, Air Boat Captain $15 – $20 per hunter.

Hotels are not included but we use only the best Beach Front “Gold Zone” accomodations.

AREA: You will be duck hunting the vast marshes of Luguna Huizache and Laguna Caimanero, over 2200 square hectareas (5,500 acres) of prime duck habitat. Air boats are used. There is also some excellent jump shooting on smaller ponds. Doves and pigeon are hunted in a variety of fields which have been scouted beforehand.

SPECIES HUNTED: Green wing, cinnamon, and blue wing teal, pintail, spoonbill, blue bill, redhead, canvasback, widgeon and pichihuilas (black fronted tree duck). Mourning and white winged dove, blue rock pigeon.

GUNS, SHELLS AND LICENSES: Our outfitter has shotguns for rent, or they can help you obtain a gun bearing permit to bring your own gun into Mexico at additional cost. Seasonal hunting licenses can also be obtained at additional cost. With a gun bearing permit, you may bring up to 100 shells into Mexico. Shells are also available from the outfitter at $17.50 a box (rate may change depending on local prices).

LIMITS AND BIRD HANDLING: Ducks: 20 ducks per day of which only 5 may be pintail and only 5 may be blue wing teal. Doves: 25 per day in combination all species. Possession limit is 3 day’s limit, 60 ducks and 75 doves. Daily limits of all species is the usual. The picking and care of birds is included. If you wish to take birds home bring an ice chest. Also have both duct and strapping tape for securing ice chest in hold of aircraft.

CLOTHING: Weather is balmy. Hunters should have camouflage clothing, hip boots, light jacket, hat, ear protection, shoulder pad (optional), insect repellent, sun screen.

Trip Rates

Example Wing Shooting Rates – Subject to change by operator

Season November to March

Duck or Dove HuntingMorning hunt$373.75
Duck and Dove HuntingFull-day trip$513.00

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