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NOTE:  These destinations can accommodate a 3 day fishing trips and up – but, Fly Fishing only.



cayo-largo-001As of April 1st, 2008 the incredible Cayo Largo (Long Key) fishery came under the management of Avalon Fishing Center. With this new undertaking we strive to achieve a paradise that fishermen can enjoy and share with their families and non-fisherman friends.

In Cayo Largo you can bonefish on white sand flats while your family enjoys the breathtaking beaches, enjoy a cocktail in the hotel pool, or participate in one of the numerous activities the resort offers.

Fish during the day and relax while watching an incredible sunset in style and comfort in one of the most beautiful pristine natural environments in the world. When you combine this stunning eco system with the personal touch and excellent service that Avalon is renowned for, our 15 years of experience in providing top notch fly fishing trips you are guaranteed a great experience.

Avalon is one of the few companies in the world that can offer its guests the unique ability to fish in a completely exclusive marine park, free of commercial fishermen, nets or any skiffs or yachts from other companies. Think about the incredible possibilities of having all those nautical kilometers to yourself and being able to choose the species and the places you want to fish, without any fuel limitation during your fishing week. Guests can expect the following species when fishing with Avalon at Cayo Largo: Permit, Bonefish (large ones), Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Barracudas, Mutton Snapper, Snook, etc..

Cayo Largo is in the South Central region of the Cuban Archipelago, and it’s one of the last virtually untouched eco systems left on the planet. With 17 miles (27 Km) of fine white sand beaches, the surrounding ocean produces a spectacular kaleidoscope of colours, from incredible shades of ocean blue to the stunning pastels of turquoise and green. When you arrive in Cayo Largo you will be surprised to find a natural environment that has scarcely changed over the last 1000 years.

The marine scenery is incredible around the coral reef system that links the chain of islets around Cayo Largo like an underwater bridge. You will find all your favorite water sports on this island. Scuba diving lovers will be amazed by the explosion of color in this underwater world.

One of the great benefits to this destination is that Cayo Largo also has a modern international airport where Canadian, European, and South American aircraft can now fly to directly. There are 3 weekly flights directly from Canada and Italy.     Flights from Havana make this destination a snap to fly to ….



cayo-cruz-002Guests fishing Cayo Cruz/Cruz will stay at the Hotel Casona de Romano, which is located in the town of Brasil. The Casona is quite likely the most unusual fishing lodge we’ve ever had the good fortune of fishing from. This stately house was build in 1919 for the owner of the town’s sugar cane factory and was fully renovated 2 years ago to accommodate the needs of today’s traveling anglers. The house has 8 double (twin bed) rooms and we are planning to build a new room for the 2014 season. Two of these rooms have balconies overlooking the courtyard and church. The beds in each room are new and very comfortable. Each room is fully equipped with a private bath with lots of hot water, along with plenty of lights for reading at night and a small fridge for cold drinks. Each room also has an excellent A/C unit, along with a TV, just in case you feel the need to watch some absolutely dreadful Cuban television. The dining room is located on the first floor and it typically produces a variety of traditional Cuban food, with dinners ranging from fish and seafood to roast pork and chicken. Breakfast is simple yet delicious, with a heavy emphasis on eggs fruit and toast. The bar area is located just inside the main entrance to the house. It is well stocked with rum, vodka, scotch, red and white wines from Spain, as well as both of Cuba’s domestic beer brands. The bar is quite possibly the source for the least expensive beer in all of Cuba. 1 CUC per beer is a true bargain, even by Cuban standards!

The skiffs operating at Cayo Cruz are Mitzi brand skiffs. Each skiff has a poling platform for the guide along with rod holders and very generous storage space, located at both the front and back of the boat. The casting platform is large and offers lots of space for those anglers who like to move around a bit while standing on the bow of the boat. Constructed from a very light fiberglass mold, these skiffs are ideal for the miles and miles of shallow water flats that anglers will find here. Drawing less than 6 inches of water, the skiffs are powered by very reliable 40 HP Yamaha two -stroke engines.

The period January to March brings with it the risk of cold fronts from the north-east. However, as explained above, Cayo Cruz is well protected by the string of cays that shelter most of the fishing spots. The fishing at this time is good; particularly for good-sized bonefish, small and medium tarpon (20-30 lbs), and from mid-January the permit begin to appear.
The period from April to June is perhaps the best time both for weather and for the appearance of large quantities of huge tarpon – in addition to the bonefish and permit.
In July and August, the fishing is the same, but hotter sometimes.
September to December is a good period for bonefish and for smaller quantities of large and medium tarpon.

Guests can fly into Havana city (mostly for European citizens) or to Cayo Coco (to Canadian and South American anglers in some cases), in both arrival points, you will be met by an Avalon representative as soon as you clear customs.
Programs at Avalon Cayo Cruz are weekly. Starting on Saturdays and ending the following Saturday, fishing is from Sunday to Friday (6 fishing days).
In Low Season months (November / March and July / August) we can offer shorter programs, between 3 and 5 fishing days.
Upon arrival, guests will board a waiting taxi for the 90 minute drive through the countryside to the town of Brasil, in Camaguey province (if arriving in Cayo Coco) or a 20 minute taxi ride to their accommodation if flying into Havana (note that the arrival night is not regularly included in AVALON CAYO CRUZ packages, this gives our guests the flexibility of choosing their arrival time and accommodation).



hotel-rancho-001The Hotel Rancho El Tesoro is located on the outskirts of Gerona, the Isle of Youth’s largest city of 75,000 people. “Hotel Rancho” offers comfortable accommodations for our anglers with large single rooms for each angler. Each room has excellent beds, good AC, lots of storage space and excellent showers with plenty of hot water.

Your maids will clean your room each day and will also do laundry for you if you’d like. (Please leave a suitable tip for these extra services) Security at the hotel is excellent and the front desk is open on a 24 hour basis.

Anglers staying at Hotel Rancho have their own private dining room, exclusive from the other hotel guests as well as their own private chef and wait staff. The dining room is air-conditioned and used not only for meals but also as a place to relax before dinner with that perfect Mojito and perhaps a classic Cuban Cigar. Meals are superb, with a combination of classic Cuban dishes like smoked pork, chicken, black bean soup, rice and beans. Fresh fish like mutton snapper and grouper are also available and the French Fries are out of this world. Salads with fresh tomatoes and other vegetables are served with olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar dressing. Our chef is always happy to prepare sashimi from freshly caught fish of the day. Evening meals feature several different entrees, and our chef has often been accused of preparing enough food for twice the number of people we’ll have at the table. We can promise you that no one will go hungry while staying at the Hotel Rancho!

Taxi service is available for the short ride into Nueva Gerona. The people are friendly and it is fun to walk along the city streets in order to see what life is like in a typical Cuban city that is far different than Havana. There are several good bars where you can enjoy a Cuba Libre or a fine Mojito, and even a couple of discos where you’ll enjoy the infectious beat of the hottest sounds in Latin music. Rental cars are also available to tourists by the day or week.


On current year, Cuban rules for admission of items on board are stricter than past, for security reasons on domestic flights.

Hooks, nylons (including tippets, leaders, etc.), spray or fishing rods (regardless of size) are not allowed in hand luggage. They must be shipped as checked with bags.

For your convenience and luggage safety, we suggest to put some kind of lock on the luggage to be carried.


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