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Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is glamorous yet inexpensive. Cabo San Lucas remains one of our major fishing destinations. The quality of fishing remains constant and exciting. The great up welling of nutrients occurring here attract hordes of baitfish, concentrating the striped and blue marlin, sailfish, dolphin, tuna and thresher shark at this unbelievable aquatic dinner table. Legendary banks such as San Jaime, Golden Gate and Gordos often explode with feeding frenzies.

The boats and crews at Cabo San Lucas vary from excellent to poor. It is our responsibility here at Fishing International to offer the boats which do the job and don’t just take anglers for a boat ride. For 25 years we have selected the best boats, and more importantly, the best crews in Cabo San Lucas. The fleet managers and captains in Cabo San Lucas know us and know what our anglers expect, be it heavy tackle fishing, light tackle fishing or fly fishing.

For sure, Cabo San Lucas has changed and is not the sleepy little village old Baja hands remember. There are more night clubs, more new hotels and condominiums; and with this has come more people. Yet somehow Cabo San Lucas has retained a magic that draws anglers back time and time again.

“How can I complain with 4 blue marlin, a double hook up and a 400-500 pounder? Keep it up!!”

– Rick Lackey, GA.

“Great fleet – Caught more than other boats.”

– Bob O’Neil, CA.

Resort Information on Website: Solmar Suites, Tesoro, & Pueblo Bonito

Trip Rates

Example Rates – subject to change by operator

4 Nights Lodging/3 Days fishing

All rates are per person. Other night/day combos also available.

Winter Rates Jan 2 – Apr 30Spring/Summer Rates May 1 – Sep 30Fall Rates Oct 1 – Dec 19
Click on resort for details.2 persons3 persons4 persons2 persons3 persons4 persons2 persons3 persons4 persons
28 ft cruiser$1,211.00$868.00$885.00$1,162.00$835.00$836.00$1,211.00$868.00$885.00
extra day$346.00$242.00$237.00$333.00$234.00$225.00$346.00$242.00$237.00
31 ft cruiser$1,467.00$1,039.00$1,013.00$1,417.00$1,006.00$964.00$1,467.00$1,039.00$1,013.00
– extra day$431.00$299.00$280.00$419.00$291.00$267.00$431.00$299.00$280.00
28 ft cruiser$1,020.00$736.00$694.00$1,060.00$762.00$734.00$1,060.00$762.00$734.00
extra day$349.00$301.00$371.00$365.00$317.00$404.00$365.00$317.00$404.00
31 ft cruiser$1,275.00$906.00$822.00$1,315.00$933.00$862.00$1,315.00$933.00$862.00
extra day$434.00$358.00$414.00$450.00$374.00$446.00$450.00$374.00$446.00
28 ft cruiser$1,377.00$1,053.00$971.00$1,377.00$1,053.00$971.00$1,377.00$1,053.00$971.00
extra day$387.00$288.00$259.00$387.00$288.00$259.00$387.00$288.00$259.00
31 ft cruiser$1,633.00$1,223.00$1,099.00$1,633.00$1,223.00$1,099.00$1,633.00$1,223.00$1,099.00
extra day$473.00$345.00$301.00$473.00$345.00$301.00$473.00$345.00$301.00

Rates are per person. 3 person prices based on triple occupancy. 4 person prices based on double occupancy in room (2 rooms total). Extra day rate includes one night lodging and one day fishing.

Includes: Airport and hotel ground transfers in Los Cabos, accomodations, all hotel taxes and gratuity charges, sportfishing aboard deluxe boat, tax, fishing tackle, fighting chair(s), ice, fuel, dispatch fees, passenger insurance, captain, mate and approx. 7-8 hours of fishing per day.

Does Not Include: Airfare into Los Cabos, meals while in Los Cabos, lunches and beverages on boat, fishing license, live bait, tips to boat crew and items of personal nature.

Note: All hotels are located in Cabo San Lucas. Room at Solmar Suites is an oceanview Junior Suite. Room at Tesoro Los Cabos is oceanview or partial oceanview Deluxe Double. Room at Pueblo Bonito is oceanview or partial oceanview Junior Suite with kitchenette. Rates at Tesoro are different during Easter Week (March 16 – 24), the Bisbee Tournament (Oct. 21 – 25) and the Tuna Jack Pot tournament (Nov. 3 – 8).

Customized trip packages available. Additional nights lodging with or without fishing available. Larger boats from 33 ft to 55 ft available at additional cost. Call for rates.

Reservations: To confirm reservation, a 50% deposit is required within 14 days of confirmation of booking in order to secure space. Balance due 60 days prior to trip. Payment in full is required for bookings made within 60 days of departure. All rates are subject to change.


* One child under 12 free with paid room

* Two children under 12 with two adults are triple occupancy.

* Maximum occupancy is 4 persons per room.

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