O'Brien Group Fishing Christmas Island

February 2006

Mr. Larry O'Brien from British Columbia and his two fishing friends from Italy, Mr. & Mrs. Tizano Buruzzi, recently returned from a two-week visit to Christmas Island. They split their stay between the Captain Cook Hotel and the Christmas Island Outfitters Mini-Hotel. Besides providing some fabulous pictures to us (a few of which I've included in this report), they also reported back on some fine fishing for a variety of species and a bit of nice, relaxing beach time.

Look at how well prepared these anglers were, bringing with them hundreds of flies tied by Mr. Buruzzi:

It paid off well as you can see from the photos of bonefish, trevally, tuna, and other species, all caught on fly. Check out these nice looking bonefish and a really nice trevally caught in the flats:

And a couple of photos of the offshore side of the trip:

Many of you have asked about the nice outrigger boats used for flats fishing on the island. Here are two photos of the boats they used at the Mini-Hotel:

All in all, what a great trip to a great destination!

That's all for now.

Capt. Bill Hutchinson

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